Facilities at the Durban Shongweni Club consist of two world class Clopf Fibre arenas which are available for riders to use for clinics and lessons.  You will have to phone the office on 031-7681251 to book your slot and to see if it is available.  We also have a fibre practice arena that is open to all members but not exclusively.  We have three sand dressage arenas that can also be booked through the office if you are wanting to ride in them. We also have a cross country track which after an Eventing show, you may come and jump, but you have to book in the office and let us know when you will be going out and preferably go out with someone else from the safety side of things. We also have 90 brick stables for show purposes.  We have a private yard consisting of 50 horses at the moment and have a waiting list of people wanting to stable here at the Club.  There is also a polo field which is used for the BMW polo tournament.  The polo players use this as their practice field in the polo season.  The polo field is also used by the Model Aircraft Club.

On the non equestrian side, we have a rugby field which Hillcrest Villages Rugby Club practice and play their games on and we have the space to set up a second field for them. We also have a cycling track around the perimeter of the Club for all you cycling enthusiasts. There is a Park Run / Walk that happens every Saturday morning and is a great way to meet new people and get fit at the same time.

On the property is a full kitchen with a new look menu and a warm and cosy pub with a verandah that leads onto a paved area which in turn leads onto a deck with its own pub. This outside entertainment area is ideal for birthday parties, work functions, small weddings and any other function that we can cater for. There is a kiddies entertainment area where the children can safely play while you can relax and enjoy yourself.



The Durban Shongweni Club provides full livery for up to 50 horses and is one of the most sought after yards in the area.

Current equine residents range from happy hacks through horses whose owners practice Parelli natural horsemanship to horses that compete at national level. There is a great “family” spirit amongst the stablers and fund raisers and social events are held frequently.

The yard is expertly managed by Hetty Blake who brings a wealth of equine management experience to the Club and is ably assisted by an Induna, Gorman, and 14 grooms. The stables run to a strict routine and horses are in large grassy paddocks for up to 5 hours a day.

Facilities for stablers include access to 3 sand dressage arenas, an all-weather practice jumping arena, two lunge rings, an open grass area and direct access to the sugar cane (permits required). Being the premier show venue in KwaZulu-Natal, the club is it a very convenient base for competitive riders. It also provides an opportunity for horses to become accustomed and de-sensitized to the many activities around the club.

For current livery rates and conditions, please contact the livery manager.

It is a requirement that stablers are fully paid up members of the club in good standing.

For further info contact Hetty Blake on 082 652 7000 or Shana at